Are Uniforms Really Important ? Class Essay

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Should students wear school uniforms?
That we live in a time of tremendous inequality is now almost a truism. As an example, Oxfam claims that the annual income of the hundred richest people in the world could end world poverty four times over. In schools, inequality is also commonplace, whether it takes the form of grades, money, or possessions. Given the assumption that the most important aspect of school is the activity of learning, inequality in the form of how teachers treat their students is then a crucial ill to tackle. This is where school uniforms prove to be important. It is my opinion that school uniforms should be worn as a symbolic reminder to teachers (and students) that discrimination due to perceived inequality should never be acceptable.
In contrast to street clothes, school uniforms serve as a reminder of the similarities that students share. While students may not be completely uniform, they all deserve the same amount of compassion, attention, and care from teachers. The Telegraph recently reported that teachers give their favorite students higher grades, which is a very clear example of unjust treatment. Teachers may unconsciously decide that students with richer or with more successful parents will also be more successful than their peers, especially if students show off their parents’ success via expensive clothing etc. With the school uniform, there is less opportunity for the ostentatious display of wealth. The school...

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