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Are Video Games Harmful To Children And Adolescents? Phychology Research Paper

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Are video games harmful to children and adolescents?
Video games are electrically played games on computer or any display screen. In 1970 world was introduced with video games. At any time, children prefer video games over communicating with peers or watching TV. These games make children feel adventurous, like they are into it. Parents sees these games differently as they are more concerned about their children academic skills and behaviour, which might get aggressive by these violent games in the market that attracts the children the most. These parents are right also only in the case of children who are sitting in front of screen all day long and getting fast, and scoring poor in academics. This can also not be denied that these addict gamers have variety of health and psychological problems. In virtual world children have to break a lot of rules to clear the challenges in the game, which makes them to follow the rules of society. But these problems are only for those who spent a lot of time playing these games, while for less frequent players these games are beneficial. These games provide gamers a variety of experience consisting of motivation trait and fulfillment of basic psychological needs. Although they have both positive and negative effects depending upon the time we spent upon them. If we play these games in proper time limit we can see its benefits surpassing its harmful effects, so I will say that video games are not harmful for children and adolescents by putting forward by views on its engagement and flow, changing mood, and developing cognitive skills.
Video games are highly engaging with variety of immersion flow and learning depending upon the context and individual. Game makers are wizards of engagement, they are the artist who know exactly what people likes and what will attract them such as immediate and concrete feedback in video games after all the efforts we put in to complete the challenge in the game, keeps individual engaged in. From researches, it was found that gamers engage in video games to experience a flow state. This flow state creates a positive state of mind which makes the individual forget about the surrounding. This flow is considered as a positive experience except in cases of reported anxiety, frustration, and this occur when we play video games for a extended time period. Whether children play outside or communicate with peers all they want is enjoyment and experience and flow associated with these games makes children experience psychological absorption, immersion, and dissociation law which are often mentioned to provide fundamental experience and enjoyment. Many social experiences such as manipulation and control feature, rewards and punishment feature, presenting feature, and various locations are very helpful for special gifted children who cannot walk or have any other disability preventing them from experiencing all these all things. This engagement with video games is so strong and use full...

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