Are Video Games Harmful To The Human Being? Essay

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“They’re ruining your eyes.” “They’re making you go outside less.” “They’re making you a violent person.” These criticisms about the controversial topic of Video Games are common, and seen everywhere, especially from parents of children. The 1st Video Game came on on November 29, 1979, ‘Pong’, it was first played on the Atari, which sold over a 25 million copies, and considered the first big hit console. Then came the giant of console games, Nintendo, with Super Mario Bros, which still is a fan-favorite and still played many years later. And then came the Playstation, Nintendo DS, and Xbox, the gaming consoles of the 2000’s. Ever since the 1970’s when the first violent video game had been created, “Death Race”, the topic of how video games are harmful - mentally and physically, had been brought up constantly. This ruined the entire image of video games for many people, especially adults. Video games aren’t harmful to the human being, Video games make your mind develop and make you more attentive, Video games enhance your vision, and Video Games make you self-aware and joyful.
Psychologist Simone Kuhn studied the effects of video games on the human mind and found that several areas of Grey Matter in the brain expanded significantly. Grey Matter, is “yet to use” brain tissue, which contains regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision-making, and self-control. And as you play video games, studies have shown that the human significantly improved in those areas. Also, studies have shown that video games make you more perceptive and fix attention problems. Dr. Daphne Bavelier is an alum of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a specialist in the field of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Her work, that focuses vigorously on the impacts of video gaming, and was the element of a 2012 TED talk. During her TED talk, she presented the ‘word color’ test, which non-gamers are easily confused by. And Gamers pass the test without any problem. During the TED talk, she stated, "Actually, those action video-game players have many other advantages in terms of attention, and one aspect of attention which is also improved for the better is our ability to track objects around in the world. This is something we use all the time. When you're driving, you're tracking, keeping track of the cars around you. You're also keeping track of the pedestrian, the running dog, and that's how you can actually be safe driving, right? So, in a sense, when we think about the effect of video games on the brain, it's very similar to the effect of wine on the health. There are some very poor uses of wine. There are some very poor uses of video games. But when consumed in reasonable doses, and at the right age, wine can be very good for health. So it's the same way, like those action video games have a number of ingredients that are actually really powerful for brain plasticity, learning,...

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