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Are Violent Video Games A Cause Of The Bad Behavior In Children?

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Many People have put their attention directly on the influence violent video games have on the bad behavior of children. People believe videogames intensify aggression in children, while others say it can be a safe getaway for a child to express his aggression. Many opinions on this issue are stated still today, and they remain divided amongst the people who claim videogames to be a cause of aggression and those who claim otherwise. A child’s behavior can not be determined by violent video games, but instead is caused by a variety of environmental and domestic factors. It is easy to blame video games on violence, instead of looking at factors such as economic status, familial issues, and exposure to other entities such as television and media. This paper will bring forward the opinions of those who believe in no relationship between violent video games and bad behavior with one counter argument expressing the opinion of those who believe there is a relationship.
The allegation that videogames cause violent behavior in children has been present as long as videogames themselves. Some researchers said that the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, was one intense gamer. “Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech Shooter was seen by his roomates as odd because he never joined them in video games.”(Beresin) This debate will continue to go on in this country as long as there are horrific crimes that occur. There is much written in the research regarding this issue, and many differing views. The research that is presented in the next few paragraphs supports the theory that it is not the graphic video games that produce aggressive behavior, but other factors in a child’s life that create violent actions.
Much research makes a claim that there is not enough evidence that points to video games alone as the cause of delinquent activity. “The fact is that analyses of school shooting incidents from the U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime do not support a link between violent games and real world attacks.”(Beresin) In 2011, the Supreme Court shut down a California law banning the sale of violent video games to people under the age of eighteen. Dr. Cheryl Olson, of New York Times, Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justice Samuel Alito, Jr., of the Supreme Court, agree that there is not enough evidence and not enough knowledge to prove the negative impact videogames have on children, and that although there may be some now unknown direct negative side effects of videogames, there also may be some now unknown positive effects of video games on children.
Television and Media may be an outside force that contributes to the delinquent behavior in children. In Dr. Allison Park’s et al’s research, they found TV, but not electronic video games, showed a small increase in conduct problems. The news, movies, and modern-day media present real-life images of violence in the world as opposed to videogames...

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