Are We All Created Equal? Essay

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There’s always been some thought and consideration on whether all men are created equal. It seems to be a standout topic that many have their own opinions on. I am here to argue that no, all men in America are not created equal. My opinion may bother some, mostly because it’s something that we as Americans should take pride in. That by living in this country you are able to achieve any dream you have and there is no segregation or tolerance for making others feel little. Although, especially in this time, things have changed including our rights. There are families living on the streets or in their cars, barely able to afford food. Sad thing is, they work 5 times harder than any wealthy man or women out there. It seems that hard work is no longer the thing that opens your passage into wealth and success, it starts as early as when you’re born. Most who are born into rich families, continue to have money once they grow up and are on their own. Those unfortunate children that are born into poor families, most likely can’t afford college or a chance to make a better life for themselves, so they continue to do what their parents did. As said in the documentary, Hard Times Generation, “ The number of kids in poverty in America is pushing towards 25%, 1 out of 4”, (Pelley). That proves that things are not getting better, but taking a different turn for the worse. What seems to be the most intriguing part of this whole debate is the fact that those who don’t work hard at all make more money than the hardest workers around. In an article, American Dream Differed: Homeless & Working Two Jobs in NYC, it tells how the number of working homeless New Yorkers has risen dramatically in recent years. Between November 2012 and July 2013, the number of homeless households living in shelters grew by 57%, from 3,003 to 4,700 working households, (Del Signore). That in itself proves that it isn’t all about attitude and whether you have the drive to succeed in what you want to succeed in. Adam Shepard, the man who wrote Scratch Beginnings, seems to think otherwise. In an interview he says, “ It’s an attitude, it’s not so much economics or the social issues or the political issues, it’s an attitude. We wake up in the greatest country in the world and do we appreciate what we have..?”,(Smith). Although he does have a very good point, in that an attitude and hope is a very big factor, but sometimes that doesn’t add up and work out the way you want it to. He may have a better view on it than I do considering he did an experiment to try and see how it really is, but just like author Barbara Ehrenreigh, they had a place to run to and could give up anytime they wanted. It was all an experiment to them and not life or death. Barbara did in fact realize that it doesn’t matter how hard you work, but where you came from. In her book Nickel and Dimed, she says, “No one ever said that you could work hard - harder even than you ever thought possible - and still find yourself...

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