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Are We All Simply Serial Killers Or Are Serial Killers Different From The Rest Of Us?

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Peter Vronsky wrote two different books about serial killers. The first is his book Serial Killers, which covers all of the definitions of what a serial killer is, both men and women. Though the main focus in this book was on the men. The second is his book Female Serial Killers, which goes into a more detailed description of just female serial killers. Everything in the second book could have been included in the Serial Killers book instead of being divided into a completely separate book. Within these two books the different kinds of serial killers is very clear. But what is interesting is that in the Serial Killers book the differences between the way women and men kill is not very separate, but in the Female Serial Killers book Vronsky makes it seem as if female killers and male killers kill in completely different ways by stating:
“‘Instrumental’ violence, however, murder for a purpose, - political power, rape, sadistic pleasure, robbery, or some other base gratification – remains the domain of the male. After all, every male is a potential killer in the form of a warrior – and he only becomes a murderer when he misuses his innate physical and socialized capacity to kill for ignoble, immoral, and impolitic reason. While the male is built and programmed to destroy, the female nests, creates, and nurtures. Or so the story goes”.
The different types of serial killers are separated between categories but are also separated by gender based off of what Vronsky has stated in his books. Serial Killers are physically the same as everyone else in the world including the ones we celebrate as Founding Fathers, Brave Soldiers, and those who kill to protect country and for God. Though society and governments find reasons to justify their killings, those killings are exactly the same as the killings of serial killers. The only difference is the serial killers believe that they are killing for a good reason and the governments believe that they are killing to protect their countries and beliefs.
In the zombies section of the class we talked about the idea of Joe Doe. He was our zombie representation. This brought of the concept of being above or below forty hertz and what happens when a person is in one of those sections. When Joe Doe is below forty hertz he is in his zombie state. This means that he is not able to make new memories, have perception, or have free choice, but he is able to act in the world. This means that the person is heteronomous. Therefore Joe Doe is in his zombie state he is not responsible for his actions in the world. When Joe Doe is above forty hertz he is conscious. He is able to create new memories, have perception, and have free choice. Therefore they are able to act in the world. This means that Joe Doe would be autonomous. Thus, by having all of those attributes, he is free and therefore responsible for his actions.
In this section of the class we have talked about the idea of Jane Shmoe. She is our serial killer...

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