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Are We Alone? (About Extra Terestials)

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OutlineThesis: We once believed that Earth is the only planet in the Universethat supports life. Today there is overwhelming evidence thatnot only suggests, but supports the very real possibility that wemay share the Universe with other intelligent beings.I. Things in the SkyA. The First Documented SightingB. The Fever Spreads1. Pilot Encounters2. The Lights in the SkyII. Dents in the EarthIII. Unexplained PhenomenonA. The Writing on the WallB. GeodesIV. What About Religion?A. The Christian BibleB. The Ancient GreeksC. The American IndianV. ConclusionWe are not Alone.On June 24th, 1947 while searching for the remains of a downedMarine C-46 transport, lost somewhere in the Mount Ranier area, a youngIdahoan businessman named Kenneth Arnold spotted something that wouldchange his life forever. Just north of his position flying at an altitude of9,500 feet and an unprecedented airspeed of 1,700 mph he spotted ninecircular aircraft flying in formation. According to his estimate the aircraftwere approximately the size of a DC-4 airliner ( Jackson 4).This account was the first sighting to ever receive a great deal of mediaattention. This sighting gave birth to the phrase "flying Saucer" coined by areporter named Bill Begrette. Although not the first UFO sighting in history,Kenneth Arnolds account is considered to be the first documented UFOsighting.The following day Mr. Arnold discovered that in addition to hissighting there were several others in the Mount Ranier area that same day(Jackson 6).When most of think of UFO sightings we picture an unemployed, half-crazed, alcoholic hick living in a trailer park in the middle small town USA.Often times this description, although a little exaggerated, seems to fitfairlywell. In the past when the average person spotted a UFO they were quicklydiscounted as a kook or con-artist in search of either attention or monetaryreward. It wasn't until more reputable figures in our society began to comeforward that we that we started looking at this issue a little more seriously.An article written 1957, entitled " Strange lights over Grenada" written byAime' Michel describes just such an account:At 10:35 p.m. on September the 4th, 1957 Cpt Ferreira ordered hiswing to abandon a planned exercise and execute a 50 degree turn toport. Ferreira was attempting to get a closer look at what hedescribed as brilliant, pulsating light hanging low over the horizon.When the turn was completed he noticed that the object had turnedtoo. It was still directly over his left. There was absolutely no doubtthat the orange light was shadowing the F-84s. For another 10minutes, it followed the jets without changing direction orappearance. The pilots watched as four small yellow discs broke awayfrom the large red object and took up a formation on either side of it.All at once the large luminous disc shot vertically upward while thesmaller discs shot straight towards the F-84s. In an instant the flatdisc sped overhead in a hazy blur and vanished. When...

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