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Are We Alone In The Universe?

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Are we alone in the universe? This one is a hard question to answer, but there seems to be an argument that this cannot be so. Firstly, the universe is a huge place, a place that expands every second. It is so big that earth is only a tiny atom in the universe, so we can’t be the only ones alive in all that possibility of space. Secondly, life needs certain things to form; these are called CHNOPS and these are found in other places besides earth. Thirdly, people have reported alien sightings on earth, and this too suggests that we are not alone.
Firstly, the universe has been expanding every second since its birth. It was first a tiny spec of high concentrated mass and energy, and then something triggered it to explode. This explosion was called the Big Bang. This is the start of time, space and matter. This happened 13 billion years ago. The universe is made out of 21% dark matter, 4% normal matter and 74% dark energy and has more than 500 trillion galaxies. Each galaxy typically has more than〖 10 billion〗^2 stars. Each star usually has more than 1 planet. In 1961, Frank Drake an US astronomer had figured out an equation that was used to find an estimated amount of intelligent life outside earth. This was known as the Drake equation. This equation gave an estimated amount of 200 to 400 billion intelligent civilizations outside earth. For this reason, it seems extremely possible that there is life elsewhere in the universe.
Secondly, we have studied our own planet to understand how life is formed and what life needs to survive? CHNOPS are 6 elements that scientists agree life needs to form and survive. CHNOPS stands for Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus and Sulfur. We need water to survive which has hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen to breathe and carbon dioxide for trees and plants to survive. On earth, life can form in very harsh conditions too. Life forms can range from single celled Bacteria to intelligent beings. Life can form in a planet revolving a star or a moon revolving a planet. Astro-biologists predict Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus may have had life on them or have life on them. Mars has frozen water in its poles and evidence of rivers and streams. Titan has clear evidence of stable bodies of surface liquid and a dense atmosphere. Europa and Enceladus have evidence of...

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