Are We Always Watched? Essay

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Everyone at some point in their lives are watched, it’s not a choice anyone can make. If I could control that for myself I would say my personal life is my own stay out. While not only being watched and judged by the people for your appearance, some can dig into the most intimate part of your life. What person wants people to track them to get their personal information such as; license plate number, bank account, web sites, and even phone calls. Is there anything in life today that we keep private? I hate that feeling that someone probably knows my every move. Everyone watches what they call “important people” and try to be like them. Today people aren’t their own person, because they feel they have to meet a certain expectation.
Furthermore, not only the topics of tracking and being watched there is also a flip side such as social media web sites that can sometimes cause major issues like posting pictures, videos, etc., of people who have not approved, and if that such thing goes viral it can almost never be removed. In Flip Side by Jessica Bennett, a young boy reenacted a scene from Star Wars and it went viral and could not be removed. He suffered from this incident and had to go through therapy sessions (Bennett, Jessica.) That is just one of many examples of what different social media web sites can do to people. Looking at what people are trying to come up with today to track people, everything in our personal lives is becoming open to the world. News going around today is our government are creating chips the size of a grain of rice to implant in our skin that would hold any personal information we may have. This goes to show that before to long we will have no such thing as a private life. Someone will know every move we make from what we purchase to where we are at all times of the day. Personally this is something I am against!
In addition, tracking of bank accounts and personal information is not the only way people are being tracked. Also, “people can now pinpoint and broadcast our every move, at every moment of the day” this is such a scary situation thinking someone’s exact location could be in the wrong hands. Another thing that is over used now days are GPS...

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