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Are We Connected To Nature? Essay

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People nowadays, have made a lot of technological and scientific advancement in the world. As they are moving forward with these advancements, they tend to believe that nature and humans are separate from each other. People forget how they are connected. They spend most of their time with their man made technologies rather than nature, but nature is integral part of the human life. And As E.F. Schumacher makes a statement in his book ‘Small is Beautiful” that human intend to think that they are separate from nature, but they are not. In this critical essay, I will favor his thought. I will distinguish about the Human versus Nature. Through this observation, I will demonstrate that human are ...view middle of the document...

People in sound natural green environment do not need to block out noises, pollution, dusts, smokes and other mental problems. Their minds are rested; they live in peace out of all urban intrusions. Nature, not only is needed for the good sound health, but also for the human existence.
Nature is needed for the human survival. “In a 1998 National Gardening Survey of 2000 random people, most of the people agreed that the flowers and plants at different places are important for enjoyment, and 40 percent agreed with the statement that being around plants makes them feel calmer and more relaxed”( ‘Human Health and the Natural Environment’). Human are the social animals. They want to stay in the peaceful and calm places. Humans need oxygen for their respiratory as well as other various systems. Trees are the oxygen provider without which life cannot be imagined and trees are the part of nature. Man cannot survive without a nature. Nature should be understood and should not be destroyed by the human activities. Jim Robbins, author of an article in New York Times asserts that “The natural system will break down and haunt us with the various kinds of epidemics diseases like AIDS, Ebola, West Nile, SARS, Lyme disease and hundreds more if we, humans fail to know our nature and natural surroundings”(“The Ecology of Disease”). When we fail to understand the nature, it alternatively affects our lives. The destruction of natural ecosystem by human activities leads to the destruction of the mankind. So, for the human existence, people should keep the environmental balanced to the human activities that are harmful for the nature. Human existence is not possible without nature existence. In addition to the need of nature for the survival, nature is also need for different kinds of development.
Nature is also essential for the development of sectors. Whichever sector we want to develop for our well being, we will always need the nature. Schumacher asserts in this book that, “Modern Man does not experience himself as a part of nature but as an outside force destined to dominate and conquer it” (‘The Problem of Production’). Man has advanced a lot in his world. He lives in his high tech world with internet, different modern medicines, facilities and machines etc which have made his life easy, safe, secure and comfortable. He rarely feels himself as a part of nature. With all...

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