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If you looked at the majestic American bald eagle, and then you looked at a human, would you ever think that we are related? Common ancestry, evolution of creatures, and similar features of both humans and bald eagles seem to be the utmost areas to review to find the answer to this strange question. Common ancestry is a good place to start to start so we will examine common ancestry.
Common ancestry is when two organisms are classified by their common features traced back to the beginning of time. This helps scientists classify new organisms and present organisms to creatures that lived in the prehistoric era. Common ancestry aids people in educating how we are related to other ...view middle of the document...

However, they have distinctly different features. The Neanderthals had more harsh features and bigger skulls. Homo Sapeins or modern human males were generally five feet four inches to six feet tall. The Neanderthal was four feet twelve inches tall. Around 190,000 years ago, per an archeological dig in Ethiopia, skull changes became apparent. The modern human skull had a rounded skull case and a protruding chin. As scientist studied how modern humans and Neanderthals existed, they found shocking discoveries of in the skeletal remains of the bald eagle.
The skeletal structure of a bald eagle is very much like that of a human being. The wings of the bald eagles were found to resemble that of human arms. These long arm-like bones that usually grow up to 1.8 - 2.3m (5.9 to 7.5 feet) long and benefit the eagle during its preparation for takeoff, the takeoff, and flight. All of which are critical to an eagle’s existence. Just as a human relies heavily on their arms for our most basic needs the eagle’s wings do the same for the bald eagle. Both the eagle’s wings and human’s arms are usually a primary necessity to their nature. The eagles’ wing flaps are equivalent to a human being moving its arms around in a gigantic circle while stretching. The eagles has a body that you can say is an almost identical representation of the human torso(mid section). The body of the eagle helps the bald eagle gracefully glide through the air in a straight line as it is soaring across its certain ecosystem. The beak of this creature is actually extremely equivalent to the human mouth and nose bones all in one. The beak, like the human nose helps this creature smell its prey(food) he is looking to feast on....

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