Are We Too Dependent On Technology?

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Are we too dependant on digital technology?
Many people think that we are not too dependant on technology but our daily lives show otherwise. How many pieces of technology do you use in your day? You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock going off. Beep! Beep! You get up, turn the lights on in your room, and walk to your kitchen, and use your electric coffee maker to pour yourself a cup of coffee, while checking your phone to see if you got anything important such as a text or an e-mail. You open the refrigerator and pull out some cold milk to pour on your cereal, and eat while you watch television. Then, you go to the bathroom and use your electronic toothbrush to brush your teeth, usually followed by your electronic razor. You walk outside, locking the house down with your electronic alarm system. You get in the car, turn it on, and open the garage door with your wireless remote, closing it again after you back the car out of your paved driveway. You turn on the GPS to guide you to work, and get aggravated as you get stopped at a few traffic lights on the way. When you get to work, you use your key card to open the door of the building, and take the elevator to your floor. As you arrive, you walk down the hall, open your office door with your keycard, you sit down at your desk, and turn on your computer, where you will work the rest of the day, until it is time to go home. Then you will get up, take the elevator to the ground floor, and walk to your car in the parking garage. You will turn on the GPS again to return home, watch the news on your television, and eat dinner that you made in a microwave, then possibly watch more TV, and go to bed. We use technology to do everything for us; we are not able to think for ourselves anymore. Technology is creating bad habits, ruining social skills, deteriorating health, and running the workplace, therefore, we are overly dependant on technology.
Notably, technology is creating many different bad habits but one of the worst is that we are no longer using our brains. The human race is now becoming extremely lazy; we barely have to lift a finger to complete a task. We rely on computers for all our answers instead of trying to search for the answer for the question ourselves. For example, when one does not know the answer for a math question we will use Google to find the correct answer instead of learning how to solve the problem by hand. We even use autocorrect on our cell phones to help spell words and use spell check to fix any spelling mistakes we cannot find on our own. People are not putting in the tiny effort of remembering phone numbers or directions anymore. Instead, we are depending on our technology to remember such simple things for us.
Similarly, we are losing social skills to digital technology. Technology is slowly but surely tightening its hold on us physically and mentally. Children and many adults are ignoring real life and depend on computers, television, and video games as...

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