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Are Women Living Longer Than Man?

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The question of women living longer than men has historically been a fundamental one, and certainly there has not been a lack of attention devoted to it. While the type of experiments that need to be done with humans are not ethically possible, scientists have made use of species closely related to us, model species, and statistics gathered from multiple organisations. In this way, there are considerable amounts of data that have been amassed concerning the differences between the two sexes, and not just in humans. While this makes it relatively easy to suggest hypotheses, as surely some results will follow a suggested trend, the quantity will make it hard to see the real and underlying ...view middle of the document...

The male is the sex that produces the smaller gametes, usually fairly motile, and the female is the sex that produces the larger, immotile gametes. In humans the male sex has specific paired chromosomes called the sex chromosomes, designated XY, and are associated with a male identity and masculine behaviour. The female sex has the XX chromosomes, and is generally associated with a female identity and feminine behaviour. The distinction between sex and gender comes from the importance of distinguishing between inherent biological differences present from conception, and the range of mental and behavioral characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity (Nobelius, 2004). In summary, sex is purely physical and biological, whereas gender is a word that should be reserved to describe a social construct created as a result of culture and interactions with other humans. Theoretically gender should have no relationship to sex, but in practice it is most likely very different, especially in the highly influential gender roles that modern western society has created for us. While gender will realistically have an effect on lifespan, which I will cover in a later section, the effect will be as a result of a variable rather than a biological constant like sex. The rate of ageing, or senescence, is essentially the rate at which damage to our genes accumulates and results in functional failure, or death. This is different to lifespan, and also displays different trends, yet overall women age less quickly and at different points (Clutton-Brock & Isvaran, 2007). Characteristically it is the female sex in humans that lives longer, by an average of 5 years worldwide, according to the United Nations World Population Prospects 2012 Revision. Life expectancy will vary massively depending on socioeconomic background and geography, but in general it is clearly seen that women have the advantage in lifespan. According to Eurostat the death rates for men (2010) were higher than for women for all of the main causes of death, except breast cancer. The instances for ischaemic heart diseases (relating to a restriction in blood supply to tissues) were about twice as high in men (105.7 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants), while this ratio “rose to four to five times higher for drug dependence and alcohol abuse, and three to four times higher for suicide, AIDS and cancer of the larynx, trachea, bronchus, and lung.” I will be discussing possible explanations behind these varied causes of death in the later sections of my essay. This sex-based mortality bias is true for most animals, yet has some exceptions, as I will come on to explain.
[1] For this section, and further ones, I will be excluding the intersexes from my writing. I am not denying their existence on any account; I am instead avoiding confusing the topic further with references to genetic abnormalities and their potential effects on longevity.
Sexual Selection
In this section I...

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