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Are Women Too Dependent On Maids?

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As a child, I was often looked after a nanny because of my mother’s office workload. However, after a couple of years, I noticed that my mother quit her job to look after her two children. Initially, I thought it was because of work pressure. Growing up, I realized the real reason my mother quit her job. It was not because of work pressure, it was mainly because she did not want her children to be influenced by our nanny’s cultural background. In the same way, many children are being raised by maids or nannies that have a different cultural background from their employers. Since most parents in the UAE belong to the working class, they do not have the time to look after their children. ...view middle of the document...

1). Working parents prioritize their work instead of their children. The increasing demands and pressures of this high class society cause parents to hire outsiders to look after their children. But, what these parents do not know is that their children are being raised by outsiders. Also, most of these innocent parents do not know what is happening behind closed doors. They have absolutely no clue of whether their hired housemaid is actually helping these little children or if they are doing them harm. Being raised by these outsiders have a lot of negative influences on the minds of little children.

Working parents usually do not have the time to cater to their needs sometimes. Also, parents can’t leave their children alone at home to look after themselves. This reason ultimately requires parents to hire maids to look after their children. Most of my cousins have been raised by maids because their parents are too busy with work. In contrast, I have also been around people who have been looked after their mothers. Being around these two groups of children, I have personally felt a slight difference between them. There is a difference between behaviors as well as between moral ethics. I have noticed their behavior towards their own parents. The former group is usually disrespectful towards their parents; these children usually back answer their parents and disrespect them by insulting them. On the other hand, the latter group treats parents with more respect and also values their relationship with them. In addition, I have further noticed that the first group of children is rude and unruly. They are also not very bright in terms of academics. At times, being in the close vicinity of maids scars them emotionally because they are so dependent. Also, they tend to be irresponsible and spoilt as they have no value for money. What is sad is that parents have no idea about what their children are doing behind their back as they are too busy handling work pressure. On the other hand, the second group of children is more polite and approachable. They are responsible, mature at an early age and tend to have a better perspective of things. Since these children are constantly monitored by their parents, they are much better at academics as compared to the first group. These examples tell us that a reliance on maids can affect the future of a growing child.

Most Emarati families today employ expatriate maids to look after the household as well as their children. The development of a mind happens during the early years of a child. Hence, the employment of a maid or nanny can have some serious implications on these young minds. One primary implication is that Emarati children tend to...

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