Are You A Busy City Or A Country Folk

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Through different walks of life there are many people living their own lifestyle there are two examples being either a busy cities or a country folk? When walking through public buildings there are many ways of being able to pin point a person into one of these two categories. Anyone could make a general conclusion towards where a person comes from just the way someone looks. With these two categories they range into their own brackets, which have many similar qualities. Just imagine going into a grocery store and being able to identify and compare these two genres of people. It is just with in less than a minute can anyone come to a conclusion on the way the other is perceived.
Busy cities normally have a very intense lifestyle, and are often found in business attire. A woman would be more than likely found in heels, and fine jewelry made out of expensive Gems. Her hair would be neatly done, not a strand out of place, nor would you find her hair in an up do. These women would have expensive ways of showing off their looks. A way is that a female would have fresh highlights and cuts. This maintenance quality cost much money and also helps with having their hair sculptured perfectly. The women would wear clothes made from cashmere, silk, Egyptian cotton, and other fine fabrics. The cuts of these fabrics would be of dresses, jackets, scarves, blouses, skirts, gloves and a few other cuts of clothes. These pieces of clothing can be paired into sleek women suits and most up to date high fashion trends. These women have a modern day perspective that she can make a huge difference with independence. She would make her own means of money in and or out of a relationship. The women would be very strong women. A man would be found dressed in business attire and or casual clothes khakis or expansive name brand jeans. These men would have their hair sleeked back. The men would be like the women where they keep the looks of the hair maintained. These men are more likely to have mousse or gel in their hair. They would not be found in any type of marked up shoe. Both the women and men would be found to own very expensive luxurious cars. Their ways of life starts by flaunting their money and also having an egocentric...

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