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Are You A Love Believer ???

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Once, there was a girl named Maya, she was a very beautiful girl, well educated, with a very good personality; she was kind, peaceful and a lover for making friends all the time.Her only problem was that she didn't believe in love, never trusted love and always thought that love doesn't exist, and that all the love stories are imaginations, that doesn't have place in the real world. That is all because of what she saw and heard about the break up of that, that and that. She didn't know that God may be want us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right ones, so that when we finally meet the right person, we know how to be grateful for that gift.Maya loved reading so much; she used to go to the library everyday to read all kinds of books and stories. One day while she was sitting there a smart handsome boy came and sat beside her and began talking "hi I am zaid and you?" she starred at him and didn't speak then he added "sorry for interrupting you, but I only want to be your friend" she was shocked by his actions and asked him "what made you be sure that I will accept your friendship and not refuse it?" he answered her saying " because I know that your friendship is worth enough for me to do this and also I know you very well". She asked again "and how is that?" he answered her "I have been watching you for a long time" she said to him "you was spying on me". He replied "no, not at all, I just found myself without feeling searching for you and to be your friend and if it bothered you I apologize for it" she didn't say a word, then he said "may I call you with your name or not?". She didn't answer him, he said to her "should I understand that...

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