Can You See What I'm Seeing

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Adding and Regrouping
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Mathematics Standards
ƒ Composes and decomposes whole numbers according to place value ƒ Uses understanding of place value to find equivalent representations of numbers ƒ Applies various meanings and models to solve multi-digit whole number problems ƒ Develops fluency with efficient procedures for adding multi-digit whole numbers and
understands why the procedures work on the basis of place value and number properties
Grade Level: 2-3 (Ages 7-9)
Teacher Instructions
Students often memorize procedures for working with multi-digit numbers, such as "carrying" and "borrowing," without a conceptual understanding of such procedures in the context of place value. In this Kidspiration® activity, students will work with Kidspiration Base Ten Blocks ™ and solve multi-digit addition problems with visual models. They will discuss and translate their models to the standard procedure, and learn about regrouping as it relates to place value.
1. Open Adding with from Kidspiration Starter>Activities>Math.

Adding and Regrouping
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The first page of the activity is an example. It may be helpful to walk through the example from the beginning as a class. If so, the first page of the activity can be unlocked ahead of time from the Teacher menu, allowing deletion of the base ten blocks and text inside the blue explanation box. From the Math palette, bring out base ten blocks to represent each addend, distinguishing them with color.
represent each addend
Ask the class how many ones are present. Is it possible to regroup? Select 10 ones and use the Group button on the bottom toolbar to exchange or regroup the ones for 1 ten. Ask students where on the place value mat the ten should live, moving as needed.
regroup to "make tens"
"carry a one"

Adding and Regrouping
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Now how many tens are present? Is it possible to regroup the tens? Collaborate as a class to write an explanation of the steps used to solve the problem in the blue explanation box, as well as the solution.
2. Complete the same problem on...

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