Are You Addicted To Video Games?

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Ask yourself these questions and you may be surprised to find that if not you then someone you know or know of is addicted or may have the potential to be addicted to video games. Do you have a sense of well-being or euphoria while playing? When you are not gaming are you constantly thinking about the games? Do you find yourself neglecting other aspects of your life such as relationships, hygiene, sleep, Studies, and food in order to play video games? Do you lie or denied the amount of time you spent devoted to playing video games in order to protect your source of pleasure? Are you depressed or irritable when not playing video games? Do you continue to invest time and money even after you ...view middle of the document...

Any way you look at it and whatever skills are supposed to be enhanced by video games you can always find something else that will sharpen that skill and maybe add a little something extra.
Video game addiction just like with any addiction are some times used as a coping technics for things in life that you might not want to deal with or not know who to deal with, like family trouble, depression, lose. If that is the case I strongly suggest you seek help with coping skills, if you don’t deal with the problem at hand in a health manner then the problem will never go away and you may never learn how to deal with every day troubles of life.
We have all heard of the wives that left their husband because he could not put his video games down or the spouse that had a real life affair with a fantasy world lover. For so many people it’s hard to separate real life and fiction life once they have become addicted to video games. The not so fine lines become blurred. This leads me to ask, why even risk it? Why would you want to risk losing your husband or wife to video...

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