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Do You Have A Low Self Esteem?

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“You are altogether beautiful my darling; beautiful in every way.” This verse from the Bible sums up what I think about every woman. I believe that every woman, teenage girl, or pre teen should stop putting themselves down! Confidence is key to living a happy and joyful life. Being depressed, being unhappy, giving up on things, being introvert and not feeling good about oneself are some characteristics of a person that does not have self confidence. I believe that in order to succeed and be successful in life you must have self-confidence. Eagerness to learn new things, pride in doing a good job, being a nice person, having the confidence to know “I can do it”, and altogether liking oneself are some attributes of having self confidence. Liking yourself is key in everything that you do. I do not know of one person that does something well and does not have self-confidence. Just like a basketball player has to have hand-eye coordination, a girl must have confidence! Girls need to kick the habit thinking they are anything less then perfect! God makes everything perfect in his own eyes. Before girls think that nobody thinks they are beautiful they need to think twice. I believe that no matter what size, color or ethnicity you are you are amazingly and beautifully made! You are a diamond in a ruff beautiful be confident about yourself and everything you do.
First of all, having low self-esteem is a terrible thing to have. Some signs of it are depression, unhappiness, giving up on things, being introvert and not feeling good about themselves ("Do you have low self-esteem?"). People with low self-esteem are less likely to succeed in their attempts of doing things. If a basketball player has low self-esteem, chances are they are probably not going to be very good. Depression is very common in today’s society. Depression and unhappiness comes with feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy, and in turn leads to an unhealthy mental state. People who have low self-esteem tend to give up on things easier then ones who have confidence. My mom recently broke her leg and is going to physical therapy. If she had low self-esteem about walking she probably would give up and break down. Low self-esteem can also lead to a person being introvert. Introvert means that someone keeps to him or herself and is not outgoing and spunky. A person would not want to talk to be social and outgoing if they had low self esteem. Low self-esteem comes with many side effects but the worst one I would have to say is not feeling good about oneself. Low self-esteem means not having confidence in one's own worth or abilities, or not having self-respect. This explains why people having low-self esteem is very unhealthy and can lead to depression, unhappiness, giving up on things, being introvert and not feeling good about themselves.
Second, having self-confidence is key to living a happy and joyful life. Some characteristics of self-confidence are taking pride in doing a good job, being...

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