Are You Good Enough For Society? : Social Media And Magazines And Their Effects On The Self

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In the past 20 plus years the world has encountered many changes. One of the biggest changes has to be the world of media. Magazines, T.V.s, cameras, radios, computers, cell phones, and many more kinds of technology, that are used as media outlets, have transformed and been created. Perhaps two of the biggest transformations have been the creation of magazines and eventually social media websites. Magazines have gone from being paperback to digital then social media networks came into play. With these new transformations in media people have changed with them. Perhaps trying to fit in with what they see being portrayed or trying not to get left behind in society. Whatever the case may be people have begun to change for, what seems like, good and bad. Today there are hundreds of social media websites including: blogs, dating sites, social networks, media sharing, and social news. There are also thousands of magazines circulating including: music, beauty, health, and many other kinds. In modern time these instruments have been utilized in ways that can be detrimental and instrumental in many ways to many people.
This paper will examine the effects that social media and magazines tend to have on individuals. To help determine the effects of these kinds of media on the self, this paper will discuss what the “self” is. It will also look at the different types of social media and magazines while examining the positive and negative aspects these kinds of media contribute to the self. The constant ongoing debate happens to be what is deemed to be the actual definition of the word self.
What is the “Self?”
For a long period of time the question of “What is the self?” has been debated by many people. According to Bermudez, Marcel, and Eilan, authors of The Body and the Self, the commonly held view is that individuals are possessors of both physical properties, such as height and weight, and psychological properties and states such as kindness. According to beliefs of, philosopher, Rene Descartes this is not true. Descartes claimed that the self is a mental unit that extends from psychological properties while our bodies are physical units that extend from physical properties. Descartes believed that a person could not have both kinds of properties. Simply put the self is a thinking unit that is isolated from the body. Although these definitions of what the self is may differ from one another, this essay will look at how social media websites and magazines affect are the mind, emotions, and senses that make up a human being, the self.
Social Media and Magazines
Today there are hundreds upon thousands of social media websites. Social media websites include blogs, dating sites, social networks, media sharing, and social news. The biggest of the list is undoubtedly social networking sites. Social networks are websites are that allow people to interact and connect with other people of similar and different interests and backgrounds. Perhaps the...

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