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Are You Lost, Penguin? Essay

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With the power of sending messages that a text could not, visualization is a useful tool that can effectively present ideas to people. Embedded with different rhetorical elements, a visual text can further lead the audience to related issues and inspire it to perform particular actions. Since the green house gases were scientifically proven as a significant contributor toward global warming and climate change, reducing the production of green house gases and recycling domestic wastes have been the campaign for different organizations across the globe. The World Wild Fund of Nature is one that utilizes the ability of visualization to convey this message.
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In addition, the creator embeds a subtle idea in the background that leads the audience to a related issue. The alley and the burning barrel symbolize industrialization and urbanization, processes in which huge amount of green house gases are generated. A reliable energy supply is essential to sustain the growth of countries and industries. Burning coals and natural gas to generate electricity and consuming gasoline on transportation are very common in developed and developing countries. However, the green gases emission resulted from of industrialization and urbanization is prodigious; it accelerates the global warming and deteriorates the climate changes. Combining usage of colors and symbolization, the creator indicates that, for the Earth and other animals, the outcomes of industrialization and urbanization are not as joyful as human experienced.
Actually, reducing green house gases is not a recent advocacy from environmental organizations. In the end of twentieth century, many people have noticed the possible catastrophic outcomes of global warming; some even thought that human would eventually lose our inhabitants and even be extinct. Thus, in 1997, Kyoto Protocol, a treaty named after the location where the conference was held, was signed by more than 100 representatives from different countries to stabilize the concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere. However, despite the fact that many countries, such as United States, China, and India, signed the treaty, the protocol was not fully implemented. The United States congress did not pass the bill to enforce the protocol and claimed that following it would harm the economy while other developing countries don’t have the limitation on green house gases emission (Saundry, P. 2014). In 2012, Doha Amendment of the protocol was drafted to raise the limitation on emission. While China has an extravagant GDP growth rate for over a decade, it still claimed itself as a developing country that doesn’t need to...

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