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In the show Lie to me, they are trying to show how nonverbal communication sometimes can be more powerful that verbal communication because we can consciously tell a lie verbally but our expression and body movement can unconsciously say otherwise.
For this assignment, I have watched two videos on YouTube from this show called Scam School. In these two videos they had a special guest who is a professor in law and an expert in facial expressions. The host of the program and the guest look, behave, and talk very differently. If I were to assume that these two people have chosen their look carefully I would say that the host has mainly chosen his look to attract a specific audience, and the ...view middle of the document...

The interview is taking place in a bar which is the image that shows how Scam School is a more informal, relaxed type of show. The host even reinforces this concept by saying that this show is “dedicated to social engineering at the bar and on the street.” This setting in turn makes the authority, seriousness, and formality of the professor stand out even more.
Everything they are talking about, which is the same as the topic in the show Lie to me, is very intriguing. As I said above, I value nonverbal communication and consider that can be more powerful than its verbal counterpart. Thinking about it, when I talk to someone I acknowledge I use a lot of expressions I do not carefully choose for the occasion, they just come natural. I have recognized in myself and others many of these expressions of contempt, disgust, interest, and anger among others. I agree with the professor appearing in Scam School when he suggests that these expressions are not always 100% accurate but in general, people seem to unconsciously use them and express several hidden (or not) feelings. In my opinion, other variables could alter these expressions somehow like the cultural background of someone or their personality. This is why is important, as the professor says, to know a little bit about the background of someone and establish their communication baseline before jumping into conclusions. In contrast, although these expressions are not fully reliable and accurate, by knowing their general meaning, we could understand better the true feelings of who is in front of us.
Some years ago, I studied Natural Therapies. I had the chance to be...

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