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Are You My Dad? Compare And Contrast Fathers

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What defines a father and a dad? Should a child's love and devotion be toward the man who donated the sperm to bring him to life? Should a child's love and devotion be toward the man whose only link to him is because he is married to the child's mother? In my 32 years I have come to realize that there is a big difference between a father and a dad. Since I have a father and a dad I know these feelings well. Sometimes making the decision of who is worthy of more love, more respect, and more devotion can be a difficult one, but for me it is a simple decision because my father Steven and my dad Charles are so very different in every facet.One major difference between my father and my dad is how involved they are in my life. My father Steven has been involved in my life since birth however never consistently. On the other hand, my dad Charles has been actively involved in my life since age 6. My dad was the one that chased the monsters out from underneath my bed, took me hunting, stood proudly next to me on the day I decided to enlist in the military, and has never hesitated to step in as a father figure, for my three children, in my absence.Another difference between my father and my dad is how financially responsible they are. My father has always eluded his financial responsibility. When he should have been sending child support to my mother he used that money to sustain his drinking habit and his romantic endeavors. In contrast, my father has...

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