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I'm responding to the book "Be Prepared" (Hayden) which is not a boyscout manual, but rather a comical look at fatherhood. This book is as it states on the cover, "A practical handbook for new dads". The author takes the approach of humor to help ease a new dad into the fatherhood mode of his life. I like how the author sees most of the situations involved with becoming a father. I find the book very amusing and comforting too. Some of the suggestions are clearly sarcastic and not meant to be taken seriously. For example, when Dad is playing peek-a-boo with baby, the baby thinks that his head literally disappears and then suddenly reappears when he opens his hands. This book has lots of illustrations for all of us new dads to look at if we can't quite grasp what the text is trying to tell us.I found a lot of sound suggestions too, such as how to baby-proof a hotel room in four minutes. I've used some of this stuff and it really does work. Whenever my wife and I travel now, I'll sweep the hotel room for hazardous items, move all electronics out of baby's reach, and close the bathroom door. These are only "some" of the ideas on baby-proofing the hotel room quickly. Some other ideas involved tape, lots and lots of tape. You should tape an "X" on the glass doors to show baby he can't climb straight through. I don't know about that one. It seems a little too common-sense like to me. Shouldn't the baby know he can't go through a clear glass door? That's just a lesson they should learn on their own at their own pace in my opinion. How about taping baby socks to the corners of sharp edges like counters or tables at baby's level to prevent any cranium damage? Good idea, but who carries around a roll of tape all the time? I don't remember my parents doing these things. All I can vaguely remember are my parents saying "be careful" or "don't do that" and then, of course, after I did what they warned me not to, I learned not to do that!I really related to how babies are attracted to VCR's. I've found this to be true in my son. For some reason, he always goes straight for the VCR slot with his hand. Even though he's gotten stuck in there before, the fascination is still there. The basically easy suggestion from the book is to always keep a tape in there to keep baby from injecting something that doesn't belong. This would work to an extent, but my son also has figured out that the buttons do stuff on the VCR too. He knows if he pushes the right one, something will happen that he can see. For...

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Are You Prepared? Essay

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