Are You Weak If You Make Your Man A Sandwich English Essay

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“Have you ever made your husband a sandwich? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't you realize such behavior sets women back decades?” Author Suzanne Venker stated on Fox News “Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich? This is why real men don’t marry feminists,” published on October 14, 2017. Venker explains how a young woman named Maddie was scolded on a social network being that she asked 26,186 mothers on FaceBook what are some alternatives for her to make for her husband’s lunch that she makes every day. She starts to describe her article with a great statement, samples, personal opinions, sources, citing facts, and she somewhat caters to the emotional appeal. Venker’s article is very appealing by just looking at the title as well as the statement she chose which strengthens her argument and pulls in her readers however she could have made it longer and added a bit more of personal insight.
Suzanne Venker is an American non-fiction author. She has authored several books critical of feminism. In her article, she argues “Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich? This is why real men don’t marry feminists.” She then goes on to explain that a young woman named Maddie went on her FaceBook status and expressed to other moms and wives what are some good foods to make for her husband’s lunch. Being that she makes her husband lunch every day because he works a really physical job as well as the fact that she loves and wants to cater to him for taking care of her and their family. Moreover, Venker explains how that specific status on FaceBook went viral because of the backlash that Maddie received being that the extreme feminist began to troll her page and say rude things towards her. According to Venker’s source Robert Gehl, there were numerous amounts of negative comments towards Maddie in her closed group stating that she was nothing but a “slave” and a “1950s housewife.” She also received comments saying that she was “weird” for demeaning herself to make lunch for her husband. By explaining these topics in their articles it shows that they have both done some research and looked into the situation to support their arguments.
Venker’s article explains how some women are so into being feminist and equality and wanting to normalize a man being at home with their children, cooking cleaning etc. She also states that she believes those types of men are feminized, which support the ethos appeal by showing how she characterizes herself. Furthermore, Venker indicates that her friend Helen Smith, Ph.D. calls those types of men Uncle Tims and she strongly believes that there should be fewer men who are Uncle Tim’s and fewer women who are feminist. This article exudes policy and substantial arguments and it seems as though she is targeting women who are overly/extremely feminist.
Throughout her piece, Venker utilizes her sources, her opinions, and citations which strengthens her credibility and appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos...

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