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Are Zoos Helping Or Hurting? Essay

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Brody Bergevin
Ms. Peyman
English 1 - Period B
8 March 2014
Research Paper Rough Draft
Are Zoos Helping or Hurting?
Animals play an important role of human life, without them life would be different. Animals in captivity have allowed human beings to study animals and learn more about animals. Numerous opponents against zoos believe that they do not help educate visitors or help animals in any way. Breeding programs at zoos have helped multiple endangered species such as golden lion tamarins, cheetahs and tapirs (Keilin). Zoos have always been helping animals and our society, and they have been doing this by providing education to youth, science research, homes for endangered species, and a ...view middle of the document...

Without zoos the world might not have some of the animals that we have today, like polar bears. The next importance zoos provide is scientific studies. Zoos provide hidden homes, mostly in the back of zoos, for veterinarians to stay and to study, and to take care of animals. Giving scientists the option to study zoo animals provides “opportunities for close encounters with wildlife” and “opportunities to observe animal behavior…” (Ballantyne). Studying animals can give us more information about animal, and help create new possible ways to keep that animal alive.
Now even zoos are not perfect, and they have flaws that need to be fixed. Opponents believe that there is no reason for zoos because there are multiple replacements for zoos, examples being: modern day television, or pictures. Seeing an animal on a screen is very different from seeing an animal in person. Opponents also state that zoos “cannot provide the space, social networks, and natural condition these animals need” which causes the creatures to suffer conditions that cause them to die prematurely (Do zoos and aquariums really...

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