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Running Head: UFO's and the Mystery of Area 51The truth about the alleged UFO sightings and alien spaceship crashes around Roswell has been a continued argument that has grown to legendary proportions over the years. The government has categorically denied any military activity in the area. However, documentation and photographs have proven that the military is hiding something at the Roswell site. To create a greater mystery, the UFO enthusiasts have flooded the media with partial truths that have often been proven to be downright lies. The video of the extraterrestrial beings and their ships has been proven to be a hoax. Therefore, it can be asked what is the truth about the paranormal activities at Area 51.In 1947, W. W. Brazil reported that a flying saucer had crashed on a ranch owned by J. B. Foster near Roswell, New Mexico. Brazil, a rancher, related that on June14, 1947, he and his eight year old son found a flying disk in an open area on the ranch. On July 4, Brazil took his wife and family to the location and gathered up rubber strips, tinfoil, rough paper, and sticks. After reporting his find to the sheriff, George Wilcox, the Roswell Army airfield was notified. Major Jesse Marcel investigated the report and took pieces of the disk to his home to reconstruct it. The Roswell case was closed at that timeDocuments have been found dated November1952 that were addressed to President Dwight Eisenhower from Rear Admiral Rosco H. Hillinkoctler, the document was reported to be a Top Secret briefing. A second document dated September 24, 1947 was a Top Secret memo from President Truman to Secretary of Defense James Forrestral. This document authorized Forrestral to establish a group of qualified persons to investigate a "crashed saucer that had been recovered near Roswell, New Mexico in July1947. "This group would be known as the Majestic 12. The progress of the MJ-12 group was described in the MJ-12 papers. TheMJ-12 papers were released to the media on May 29, 1999. These documents seemed to bring credibility to the UFO claims that have resurfaced over the years. However, evidence for the authenticity of the documents has not been proven.Research also uncovered a second story claiming that Barney Barrett, a surveyor found more of the UFO crash and the crew of the spaceship on the plains of San Agustin about 200 miles north west of Roswell. Staunton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, and Don Berliner Published Crash at Corona cited the testimony of Glenn Dennis, a mortician and Roswell's ambulance driver. Dennis said that he had seen the UFO wreckage in the back of an Army ambulance and the air base had requested child size, hermetically sealed caskets. Dennis further revealed that a nurse from the base hospital had described the alien bodies. In 1999, it seemed that the mystery had finally been solved when Randle and Schmitt published "The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell". The Truth alleged that there was only one UFO crash about 35 miles north...

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