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Space Age Furniture Company Essay

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In today’s operational management arena, there are certain expectations from a managerial aspect that must be met in order to be successful. A comprehensive look at the Space Age Furniture Company will show exactly what the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) calculations are for this company at present time and then take the information given in order to properly suggest ways to improve the sub-assemblies. In addition, there will be an analysis on the trade-offs between the overtime and inventory costs. A calculation will be made on the new MRP that will improve the base MRP. This paper will also compare and contrast the types of production processing to include the job shop, batch, repetitive, or continuous, and determine which the primary mode of operation should be and exactly why. A detailed description on how management can keep track of the job status and location during production will also be addressed. Finally, there will be a recommendation on they type of changes that need to occur that will be beneficial to the company and at the same time add value to the customer. This paper will conclude with summary of the major points.
This company manufactures tables and cabinets to hold microwave ovens and portable televisions. Looking at the data, it is apparent that there are ways to make this company more efficient in their manufacturing processes while looking at the overtime hours involved in the operations. Most of this companies products follow the very same assembly and production lines with the difference being that the Saturn microwave stand and the Gemini TV stand both contain a part refered to as 3079 which requires a special lathe in the production phase. This lathe requires a highly trained individual to run this particular complex machinery is run by a machinist who is trained for this piece of equipment and the individual running it often has to work overtime to accomplish the tasks at hand. With this overtime occuring often, it is impacting the quality of life of this particular employee which must be examined by upper management and a decision must be made to improve the process in a more efficient manner in order to reduce the overtime days.
The options available for this company involve looking at different inventory models in order to allow this specialist the ability to produce outside high demand windows of opportunity. Initially this company began using the MRP system which enevitably helped to reduce the company’s inventory and at the same time improved their on-time delivery numbers. Currently the process has allowed the Space Age company to maintain a cost of $1.25 per week to store their Gemnini and $1.50 per week to store each of their Saturns that sat in inventory.
MRP for Space Age Furniture Company
Before going into the exact numbers for this company it is important to make sure and use all tools available. One such tool would be “Electronic data interchange (EDI) connects...

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