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Space Junk And Its Ciaos Essay

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Space debris: the accumulation and collection of trash left in orbit. Space debris is also referred to as space junk, space waste, orbital junk, orbital debris, and space trash. Space junk consists of nonfunctional satellites, old pieces of spacecraft, bits and pieces of booster rockets, lost equipment, and other pieces of garbage. The space debris travels all throughout Earth's orbit.
During the twentieth century space race, space debris was beginning to be placed into Earth's orbit. This was subsequently done by humans, appropriately after the launch of Sputnik, the first satellite launched into space. On June 3, 1965, Astronaut Edward Higgins White II made his debut space walk. While outside the spacecraft, White's spare thermal glove escaped and floated away. It escaped through an open hatch of the spacecraft. The glove became one of many objects listed as early space debris. Similarly, Astronaut Suni Williams lost a camera in space. While she was in Earth's orbit repairing features on the International Space Station, her unattached from space suit & drifted away into space.
The uncontrolled space junk is becoming a greater problem than before. As well as the continuous growth of space junk in Earth's orbit, NASA scientists are in fear of the occurrence of catastrophic collisions. In order to avoid being hit by space debris, scientist developed the collision avoidance technique.
The amount of space junk accumulates daily due to the high volume of junk-to-junk collisions. These pieces of trash travel at ultra high speeds, some traveling at 22,000 mph. When these pieces collide, there's a creation of more garbage, hundreds more. And majority of the time, the speeds that these objects are traveling at, increases. If these objects were to hit any active objects in Earth's orbit, damage could be done. The junk-to-junk collisions greatly effects the protection of space infrastructure.
Space infrastructure, includes the 200 some most valuable satellites and the protection is critical. Over the past few years, the largest satellite of them all, the International Space Station, is constantly being put at risks of colliding with space junk. The collision of the space center with the space junk could potentially harm it. Due to the high amount of kinetic energy traveling with space junk, the collisions could damage and/or impair the functions of the space station features. If the space junk collides with smaller satellites other than the space station, the...

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