Argue For A Cause Teaching Disabilities In The Classroom English 2 Assignment

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English | Graded Assignment | Argue for a Cause
Graded Assignment
Argue for a Cause
Total score: ____ of 30 points
Write a well-organized argument letter of three or four paragraphs on an issue that is meaningful to you.
· Direct it toward a specific audience: a person or group that is in a position to do something about the issue.
· Clearly state your issue and your position at the beginning.
· Use logical reasons and evidence to support your position. Include at least two of the three following three types of appeals to convince this audience: logos, pathos, ethos.
· Address possible counterclaims, and end with a call to action aimed at achieving an identified goal.
· Use language in ways that will help convince the audience, such as rhetorical devices, appropriate vocabulary, an objective tone, a formal style, allusions, and direct address.
· As appropriate, invent names for individuals, groups, companies, restaurants, and other relevant entities.
Use either an appropriate topic of your choice, or one of these:
· Write to the president of a local or national company to argue that the company should do more to protect the environment.
· Write to the owner of a local restaurant to argue that it should change its menu to offer more healthy options.
· Write an open letter to people who buy pets at pet stores to argue that they should rescue animals from shelters instead.
· Write to the governor of your state to argue that the voting age should be lowered to 16.
Before you submit your assignment, check your writing using this checklist:
· The issue, and your position on it, are clearly identified at the beginning of your letter
· The letter is directed towards a specific audience
· You support your position with valid reasons and evidence
· You use language and rhetoric in ways that are tailored to appeal to the audience
· You use at least two of the following types of appeals: logos, pathos, ethos
· You address counterclaims, reasons, and...

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