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Argue That Sydney Harbour Is A Major Tourist Destination.

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Its magnificent harbour, famous Opera House, Harbour Bridge, gardens, beaches, museums and city skyline make Sydney, Australia one of the world's top ten tourist destinations.One of Sydney's most popular tourist stops is Darling Harbour. It is a redevelopment of a small docklands harbour into a major tourist destination and business convention centre. Some of Darling Harbour's major tourist attractions include the Panasonic IMAX Theatre, Star City casino, the national Maritime Museum, Cockle Bay Wharf Complex and the Harbourside shopping Complex, all excellent places for the tourist to explore.Up until quite recently, Darling Harbour has mainly attracted only families with young children. This was because of the countless attractions for young children, such as The IMAX Theatre and Sega world (now closed). That has all changed in recent times though with the construction of the Cockle Bay Wharf complex that consists of various fine dining restaurants and cafes, and the Star City Casino which offers 5 star accommodation and dining. With the new complexes, Darling Harbour now caters for the older tourists, as well as the families.The IMAX theatre is another popular tourist destination because of it being the world's largest movie screen, over eight stories high. Tourists come to wonder in amazement at the size of the screen, and also to view a movie in 3 dimensional view.Also located in Darling Harbour is the Chinese Gardens. The gardens are a small green sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, in the heart of Sydney. They were designed in China and presented to Sydney in its Bicentennial year (1988) by the Chinese city of Guangdong. Tourists come to the Chinese Garden to spend an hour or two in total peace and solitude, among the running waterfalls and lakes, the lofty willow trees and the colourful lotus' and fish. The Chinese Gardens are something different for the tourists to see, even though they mainly come to Australia to see the 'Aussie' way of life.Access is easy into Darling Harbour with the Metro Monorail, the Metro Light rail, water taxis, trains, buses, ferries, jet cats and harbour cruises all entering Darling Harbour, or it is just a light stroll 10 minutes from the CBD. Darling Harbour is a major stop for many tour boat operators so it is easy for a tourist to stop off and take a look around at Darling harbour along their Harbour Cruise.Another way to see Sydney Harbour is by Jet Boat. The Jet Boat company offer tourists a different way to see the harbour. That is, at very high speeds. Most tourists use the Jets boats to see Sydney Harbour because they can take in the view while at the same time having the time of their life.One major ferry stop is the Taronga Park Zoo. This is extremely popular with the tourists because its harbour...

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