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Arguement Against Banning Guns Essay

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Have you ever been hunting or shooting? Have you seen an Olympic sport with shooting? Think about losing that because people have the wrong ideas about guns. Some people think guns are “all harmful.” They also think guns are the cause of every death, but they aren’t. Banning guns would take away from our constitutional rights and would only hurt the law abiding citizens. Guns have many different positive purposes and should not be judged on just the bad.

In the Second Amendment of the Constitution, its gives the right of civilians to bear arms. Banning guns also take away from the innocent. In America, approximately 270 million firearms are possessed by civilians. A 1994 survey conducted ...view middle of the document...

There is also a summer Biathlon. In a typical race, a Biathlon athlete is required to carry his or her rifle over a set of distance to a shooting range, where five shots are used to knock down targets. Something else you can do with a gun is go to a shooting range. A shooting range is an area where you can practice shooting a rifle, shotgun or handgun. Marksmen, sportsmen, and law enforcements officials are examples of people who may use a shooting range frequently. Guns are used many for hunting. People hunt everyday for food, fur or even atrophy. Without a gun getting these thing would be more difficult to get. Some museums also collect guns like The National Firearm Museum. The National Firearm Museum collect antique guns. Some people just collect the lastest and newest guns.

Now what can we do to stop gun violence? We need to stop straw purchases and make stronger penalties on the ones that are caught using a gun in a crime. The most common way criminals get guns is through straw purchases. A straw purchases occurs when someone who may not legally acquire a firearm. This happens when a citizen buys a gun and then sells it a criminal for money. There is a law...

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