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Arguement For The Legalization Of Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana By: Cody Pittman
So we all know marijuana is illegal in most states but honestly it’s like the prohibition of alcohol; it didn’t work. For most this is true “If your parents tell you not to your going to”. So if the government tells people not to do something, they will do it anyway. So prohibition doesn’t help anything because all it does is make people more sneaky also, as we know moonshiners became basically one of the biggest drug traffickers back then and today the US drug market is one of the world’s most commercially viable and attracts drug traffickers from every dark corner on the globe, its bringing the worst people here we need to stop it, according to my research anyway. So that’s another reason the federal Gov. should legalize marijuana.
The main reason marijuana should be legalized, is because it’s been proven to be a better pain reliever than most other pain killers on the market today. Based on Health Day’s Reporter Brenda Goodman should marijuana get clinically legalized in all states it will put most of other pain killers out of business because according to NIH or National institute on drug abuse there has never been a reported death by smoking to much marijuana. However there have been plenty of deaths reported by pain killer over dose so marijuana has them beat in this point of view as well. Now we all know marijuana is 100% natural its comes from the ground we step on the earth we live on and god put it here as a natural pain killer so why not take advantage of it. The only problem is people abuse it way to often I mean I guess it’s okay because people abuse pain killers each and every day .In clinical stance marijuana should be legalized however people should only use what as needed.

Marijuana has been illegal since 1930’s.Its classified as a Schedule 1drug which is basically the class of abuse, no medical values and this is all wrong as I’ve stated before. Now in California, people get prescribed for it all the time to rid themselves of pain. Some say...

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