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Arguementative Essay Regarding The Effects Of Video Games And Violent Entertainmnet With Refrences To The Ideals Of Modernism.

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English Composition 2From Video Games to War PlanesCoinciding with the consistent and rapid modernization of technology, the entertainment industry has been at the forefront of technological advances here in the West. With every new discovery in the field of science comes a new advancement in the industry of entertainment. Many will argue that the improved varieties of entertainment only enhance and benefit the human experience. Some will even say that entertainment such as television, video games, and audio devices are integral parts of human life. However, if we step back and assume an objective view of much of the entertainment industry and its effects, we will inevitably witness a disturbing trend. This disorder is further magnified when we focus on the video game and movie industry. In fact, we see that these two American pastimes are of the foremost aggressors of the human psyche.The gaming industry has flourished throughout all modernized regions. Almost every child in America has played video games at some point in his or her life. These games have become consistently more and more violent. Barring all the Columbine type incidents, as those were extreme examples, the real issue regarding video games is that they dull the human faculty of discernment. Video games have retarded the ability for the newest generations to discern fantasy from reality. Obviously, the extent of this disease varies from person to person. But no matter how slight the retardation of discernment may be, it has undoubtedly afflicted every video game patron. The greatest and most vulnerable truth distorted by these games is that of death, death that is both experienced and inflicted upon others.One of the most infamous ways of discrediting and obscuring something is through mockery and parody. This is the method employed by the violent games and movies that we have today. They cause death to become something foreign. It turns into only an illusion after seeing it on screen time and time again. The thought of causing death to others is devalued, and the reality of experiencing death is lost. We become numbed to the sensation of loss of human life, and thus our human instinct of compassion is hindered. Why is it that war veterans don't enjoy these games when they return from battle? The reason is that they experienced what killing is actually like. Someone who understands this reality would never even want to see it on screen or simulate it during a game. Only those whose senses have been sufficiently dulled would be able to play a game that involves shedding blood. A proof is that you will not find anyone over the age of 65 who has seen a game like "Brothers in Arms", a popular World War II simulation game, who hasn't been disgusted. The reason is that their sense of reality is still intact, despite the claims of some that the elderly are senile.This video game induced distortion of war, death, and killing has many severe consequences, among them is becoming prey to...

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