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Arguementative Essay On Death Penalty

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Argumentative Essay on Death PenaltyThere is a controversy over whether capital punishment works or not, or if it is even morally right. Capital punishment is used only in felony cases such as murder or any criminal activity with the outcome of unintentional acts of murder ("Crimes" 1).There are now 38 states that employ the death penalty (Williams-Harold 1). This high numbers alone shows that the majority of the people have a strong belief in having capital punishment in their system.However, there are still those against the death penalty. People who favor the death penalty, like me, believe that the criminals deserve to be punished and the death penalty is the only way for murderers to realize that they cannot get away with what they have done.Capital punishment is justified regardless of what opposing viewpoints may think. Having the death penalty in a state would discourage any violent crimes. It would allow people walking on the streets to feel safe knowing the fact that there are consequences to those that would try to endanger their life. Eric M. Freedman, a journalist from USA Today, says that according to critics, the death penalty doesn't reduce crime (Freedman 1). There is nothing that can be placed in society that can actually end all murders and violent crime, but having the death penalty is a way to protect society from repeat offenders from committing a crime ("Update" 5).On the other hand, those whom are against the idea would see the death penalty as immoral, no matter what the circumstances. According to Hugo Adams Bedau, a professor at Tufts University, the death penalty is barbaric, cannot be useful, and he believes that it does not have a place in a civilized society (Bedau 8). His opinion is valid, but we, as Americans, do not live in a society where we are free of murderers, rapists, and other violent crimes. If we did, there would be no reason for all the states to employ the death penalty.A reason many people are against the idea of the penalty is because they feel that innocent people will be wrongfully executed in the process ("Innocence" 2). There have been known facts of innocent peoples' lives being taken, but this is very rare. There are now safeguards that are being followed to ensure the execution of the person is meant to be. These safeguards are placed to protect those who are innocent from being wrongfully accused by imposing capital punishment only for a crime for which the death penalty is prescribed by law at the time of its commission ("Safeguards" 1). Everyone is innocent until proven guilty under state law. So, anyone being sentenced to death has...

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