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To many students standardized testing has become another part of schooling that is dreaded. Standardized testing has been a part of school since the nineteen-thirties; in those days it was used as a way to measure students that had special needs. Since the time that standardized test have been in American schools there has been many programs that have placed an importance on the idea of standardized testing such as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (Evans 1). Over the years the importance of standardized testing has increased tremendously and so has the stakes, not only for teachers but also students. All states in the United States of America have state test in order to measure how much students learn, and help tell how well the students are at learning the states curriculum. The topic of standardized testing has been a debate for many. Some people argue that testing helps students to be able to achieve better in life and has a positive impacts on student achievement, others argue that the idea of standardized testing has too much of an impact on students’ lives and doesn’t allow them to express themselves. The definition of standardized testing is “A type of test given and graded in a uniform manner in an effort to create a universal standard against which the performance of individual students may be measured” (McMahon 2). In the definition, it states that the tests are graded in a uniform way, but at the same time also states that it is in order to measure the individual students.
From the fact that such tests are graded in a uniform way, the answers do not vary at all which makes the tests bias. In general the effects of standardized testing do not have a positive outcome, in neither student nor teachers schooling career. From the idea that Standardized test are used to determine how much money public schools receive the test scores have an even additional stress on teachers and other school officials. Most standardized test do not measure emotional or mechanical intelligence, actually a lot of educators argue that standardized test do not measure comprehension or actual intelligence but rather memorization. While others may believe that standardized testing just needs a few improvements, others believe that it is impossible to have a test that measures accurately the capability of a diverse student population. Today’s schooling depends heavily on the test scores from standardized test. Standardized testing should not have so much weight put on them because they have a negative impact on effective education, students’ self-concept, and learning styles.
Although standardized testing has been a major part of schooling it has also had a negative impact on effective education. Standardized has made a huge impact on public schooling so much that not only does it affect the students but also the teachers. With the teachers now beginning to get raises or having their jobs on the line if their students fail the test, many students have not...

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