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Arguing For Medical Marijuana Legalization Essay

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Arguing For Medical Marijuana Legalization
The argument for medical marijuana legalization has been one of the controversial debates that have raised heated discussions in many conferences worldwide. Therefore, this essay will provide a consistent and comprehensive argument to support the position that medical marijuana should be legalized. In this essay, the stand will focus on the fundamental aspects behind treatment. In addition, it will present evidence for how marijuana treatment provides heaps of benefits for terminally ill patients as well as pain relief options for others. As if so, this essay corroborates that legalization will allow substance controls and regulations, in turn, minimizing the chances for abuse or addiction. Hence, legalization will allow physicians to prescribe marijuana for treatment without worries of the law. In addition, this essay explains how the effects of the natural herbs found in marijuana have the ability of providing personal spirituality for marijuana users. Lastly, this essay justifies medicinal marijuana legalization will allow for proper research and analysis.
Treatment is the process of remedying a health condition on an individual. While this stand may seem to be quite illegitimate, out of order, and wide of the mark, the point to be made appears that the potential difficult that leads to this argument lies on the ambiguity of the term treatment (McMullin). Essentially, the major goal that every individual focuses on when treating is recovery of the patient. This then implies that whichever the process, if it is taken in respect to remedying the situation, will always be considered the right movement (Merinho). Whereas in broad terms this is the case; it therefore raises the question as to why is it that some processes are prohibited from being taken yet these processes are useful in the patients’ life? Supporters found this law prohibiting useful medical processes in the name of using a substance that is illegal not only misplaced, but also ignorant of human life (McMullin). Carrying out a medical process is destined to saving a human life. Prohibiting this process in essence means abandoning human life.
Marijuana is the most essential and therapeutically active substance that has been discovered by man. Therefore, medical cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis drug as recommended herbal therapy by physicians. This is mostly known as antiemetic. The experimental demonstration of marijuana’s significant properties thousands of years ago proves that it is one of the most essential substances that can be used in manufacturing drugs (Minamide). As provided from the ancient Indians, its psychoactive properties were realized which triggered its use by doctors to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses. This argument has been supported by the modern scientific experiment in the United States. Researchers have found that marijuana was greatly important in treatment of gastrointestinal disorders,...

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