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Ernest J. Gaines once quoted in an interview, “There will always be men struggling to change, and there will always be those who are controlled by the past.” History shows that many African-Americans today are struggling for a change. In the poem “On the Origin of Things,” the author describes the changes that took place in African-American history. The author places a lot of emphasis on the importance of Black people. This statement challenge that Black people created the world we know today. I disagree with the author’s opinion because he suggests that all of the credibility, progress, and images of god that man created were because of Black people.
Nobody denies that that the world would not be the same without African-Americans. However, Black people cannot steal the credit for things that they did not do. For example, the ideas of implementing “Rock and Roll” into pop culture did originate from the ideas of African-Americans. Additionally, Elvis was criticized for stealing credit of inventing rock and roll. But, it was his talents that created recognition for the music style. Credibility is not reserved through one race. Instead, credibility is deserved by everyone, not just for one race.
Generally, America was made on the backs of slavery, especially the White House, into the ideal place it is today. When people hear the word slavery, it represents something negative. It is unlawful to force men into physical labors. In history, Africans were known to have once been Kings and Queens. In Egypt, pyramids were created by the white men who were slaves. However workers cannot build without blueprints to reference by. For example, there are many symbolic buildings that benefit the people today such as the White House. It was the government who supplies the blueprint in order to make buildings that will benefit mankind. In addition, people can say that buildings are the structures of the world’s economy. Without the proper buildings, organizations cannot be created, which would damage the business industry that would lead into a lot of chain reaction. Also, homes would not exist which would definitely jeopardize the safety of civilians. It wasn't just the backs of slavery that created America; it was also the intelligence of the people that created America.
Unquestionably, there are many gods known to mankind. Each people are entitled to their own beliefs. At first, the author describes the god that...

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