Racism Is Spreading Like Wildfire Thanks To Technology And Media Access

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In our world of quick fixes and never-ending excuses, no matter what subject is being discussed, it seems that someone is always pointing a finger at something or someone as a scapegoat for the way things are in society. This is no exception when it comes to explaining the struggle of racism and inequality in America. It is easy for anyone to point blame at: the government, the South, religions factions, or family traditions as the cause of racial bias. Still, when it comes down to it, the largest and most important influence of racism today comes from the media. Due to the rapid expansions of technology and media access, the ideas of racism are spreading across the country at an unprecedented rate. It is commonly argued that people in the South are inherently more racist than people from other parts of the country, but Racism exists in all corners of the world. That being said, it is an individual’s responsibility to make themselves aware of how media’s continuous advertisements effect society so that changes can be made.
Over the past few generations, technological advances have improved the means by which the public is able to gain information. Earning access to daily news and updates is now much easier to access in a short amount of time, thus improving people’s knowledge on what is occurring on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, technology has created a competitive market amongst the media providers affecting the quality of information provided. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2011 only twenty-eight-point-four percent of crime committed in the United States came from the African American demographic, while White crime totaled a near seventy percent (Table 43, FBI). This statistic proves that while African-American criminal activity is highly reported on, only a small percentage of the population are actually committed. Another example of this prejudice tendency is the well-known Treyvon Martin case. This particular case began as a standard homicide in the small town, Sanford, Florida, and grew into a nationwide debate about racial profiling. For months news sources covered the case providing information to the captivated viewers, including President Barack Obama, who voiced his opinion on the matter by extending condolences to the Martin family and acknowledging the racial issues present in the case. At the end of the case the defendant, George Zimmerman, was released from court and charged with second-degree murder after providing sufficient evidence to the jury that shooting Mr. Martin was an act of self-defense (Alverez/Buckley). Due to stereotypes of African American crime presented to viewers by the media, it is arguable that Mr. Zimmerman, who may or may not have been an inherently racist person, was influenced to believe that Mr. Martin fit the profile of a criminal. Thus, supporting the idea that the media influences and promotes stereotypes through the information it chooses render an audience. This...

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