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Argument Against Gun Control Essay

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A woman getting off a late shift walks towards her car, near the end of a dark, empty parking garage. The sound of silence is suddenly disturbed by hurried footsteps behind her. She continues to walk, a bit faster now, while digging in her purse for something. Suddenly, she turns around to find a masked assailant, a full two hundred pounds and armed with a large knife, standing menacingly just feet away. Quickly she pulls out a large silver Colt .22 revolver from her purse and aims it directly at him. His eyes widen, and without a word he drops the knife and runs towards the exit as fast as possible.Though this particular scenario is fictional, it is still a reality for hundreds of men and women across the nation every year. Not only were the woman’s actions a testament to self-defense with guns, it is also a prominent display of the usefulness of the Second Amendment, the “right to bear arms,” which has been much encroached upon over the years. In turn, this has caused a dramatic increase in illegal arms sales, making it harder and harder to identify weapons used in crimes. Evidently, even tighter gun control would be a disastrous blow to our nation’s safety, Constitution, and ability to deliver justice as it was intended to.Undoubtedly, concealed carry laws have a vast impact upon the safety of individuals, if not because of the gun itself, then because of the possibility that the individual is carrying a gun. Though it is fine to think (and hope) that law enforcement will always be around to protect us, the fact of the matter is that the assumption is simply not true. In the middle of the night, in an empty parking lot, in a dark alleyway – it would be impossible to think that police officers are constantly in all places at all times to defend against criminals. Therefore, ordinary citizens must take control of the situation and provide for their own self-defense, namely with the carrying of a handgun. If concealed carrying were allowed, criminals would be “less likely to commit a violent crime against any given person,” because of the fear that the individual may in fact have a gun on their person (Thompson 543). Tighter gun control laws and laws against concealed carrying would work against these principles, essentially leaving the individual at risk of attack, and therefore...

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