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Argument Essay 3

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Most people aren’t familiar with ways our government is trying to lower health care costs of the homeless by putting them in houses, here is their chance to learn. “Housing First” approaches are aimed at reducing the number of homeless people in metropolitan cities, especially in USA and Canada. In Tulsa, the Mental Health Association operates housing models that are successful using the Housing First approach, but only with a success rate of around nine percent. These programs are able to help people achieve self-sufficiency. Special consideration is given to people who have mental illnesses. The main advantage of the approach is it makes an efficient use of the existing systems and ...view middle of the document...

After dealing with the mentally challenged people, the program looks at the aged and disadvantaged people in the society. The approach can be coined as “citizens helping citizens” since the money, which is used by the government in order to finance the program, is the taxpayer’s money. Settlements are built while others are converted into viable settlements, which can be lived in permanent and temporary basis. As earlier stated the program aims at moving “people from the streets and shelters into safe, decent, affordable housing. Once in permanent housing, these individuals and families can begin to regain the self-confidence and control over their lives that were lost when they became homeless” (Building Tulsa).
Once the people feel safe and secure, the neighboring community can embark on a program where they can help the families stabilize their lives. The process is done by carrying out housing programs, mental health care, substance use treatment, employment services, social support, and faith-based services. It’s important to note that nearly one out of the possible families that live in a major city, have a risk of becoming homeless. The risk comes from the increase in the market price of houses, which means not many people can afford the high prices. The city can prevent this by making more affordable housing units that can be used to accommodate more people. By doing this, the city and its management are dealing a big blow to the probability that families have of becoming homeless and preventing the number of homeless people from increasing in the country. It also ensures that health care programs are easily provided to the beneficiaries. The program also increases the chances of people who were originally homeless to finally break the cycle of homelessness. In areas where the program has been well coordinated, it has a high success rate.
However, the program has many problems that have arisen after its installation into one of the leading housing program in most cities. These challenges have been found to have a big influence on the society after they have been well maintained. There are reports that have argued the Housing First approaches can lead to an increment in the number of homeless youths in the country. Stephen Gaetz, a writer from NYU, wrote the report. It was quickly adopted by the media outlets. The article estimates that around thirty thousand Canadians are sleeping on the streets. According to Gaetz, it remains unclear whether the approach works for the homeless youth. It creates an age mandate in the sense that it only cares for adults, but leaves the young people out of the equation. The report argues that the younger demographic have specific needs, different from adults, which need to be addressed. This means that a system that only satisfies the needs of adults and families cannot be able to cater for the interests of the youth. They end up in the streets, especially after passing the age of child protection,...

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