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Argument Essay On College Tuition

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How does the rising cost of college tuition affect us? Every year thousands of students attend a college or university, usually of their choice, with the goal of achieving a higher education and to better their future. The cost of attending college is too high and it needs to go down; there needs to be more scholarship and grant opportunities. The high cost of attending college is a major reason that students aren’t able to achieve higher education; others take this as a challenge and it is motivation for them to work harder to achieve their goal. One might ask why would someone want to spend money to receive more education and miss out on more years of work that they could’ve performed? For many, it is so they can receive more salary for the jobs that they will have later in life, also so that they can get training for their wanted career. The cost of attending college is high and continues to rise without indications of decreasing. The rising cost has many benefits such as earning more pay, but it also has its disadvantages such as the debt that is accumulated from student loans. Not everyone can afford to drop down thousands of dollars and attend school for a few more years. Students who wish to receive a post-secondary education must decide whether it is the right choice for them depending on their financial standpoint, meaning that they must decide if they have the resources to further their education.

As stated earlier, the cost of college is too high and it needs to be reduced to a more reasonable amount. It is expected that young adults in this day in age would want to go to college or another post-secondary education school to receive higher learning and to somewhat better their lives. While this is true and very many young adults wish to further their education, finances stop them in their tracks. There are several different ways to reduce the cost of tuition; one way to reduce tuition cost is to increase taxes. This is a major way that schools receive money to buy supplies and pay teachers, but it is frowned upon because it takes even more money away from the common people. Another way to receive more finances is to hold fundraisers and have the public spend their money in the form of enjoyment, such as any clubs or sports that they participate in. Another advantage of raising money this way is that it is also another way to show off the school for which the money is being raised. The two best ways to get more funds for the school is through the raising of taxes and fundraisers. Taxes that are raised are the least likely to be encouraged, while fundraisers tend to be the best choice.

According to U.S. News, colleges are rated on: location, feel of campus life, range of academic offerings, activities and sports, cost, and availability of financial aid. All these factors are added up and a college is given a specific rating based upon the results of individual studies. A major issue is the cost of college; it occupies a...

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