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Argument Essay Pursuing An Mba

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Pursuing an MBA DegreeMGT/521Pursuing an MBA DegreeThe economy continues to put a strain on employment opportunities. When I started my undergrad studies in 2005, it was for several reasons such as putting my-self on a more competitive playing field in the job market, to increase my future earnings, to gain intellectual fulfillment, and to develop skills and knowledge that are beneficial to my future career. As I searched through the various job descriptions, I realized the possibility that my undergraduate degree may not take me as far as I planned and it may not provide as much of a financial increase as I would like. The undergraduate degree changes your qualification status, but does not necessarily identify you as the more qualified candidate. With the recent hike in higher education enrollment, pursing you education beyond the undergraduate level will become necessary to reach long term financial goals as well as establish more job security.Not only does the need for pursuing higher education exist, but your choice in degree classification is as important. The subject of study is the single most important determinant of employment prospects and earning potential. In term of earnings, according to research by Walker and Zhu, people who study law, health, economics, business and mathematics are likely to have higher earnings than arts, education and other social science graduates (Prospects Net). In fact the research indicated that those with Arts and Education degrees can earn less than people who do not go to a university at all. This type of implication invokes further examination for the possibilities of making a career change.Making a career poses the question of which jobs are more suitable. Some may decide on their career path based on the recommendations of others, where others may determine their careers on other factors. However, I have learned that career choices or career development starts with identifying who you are as a person. According to the Jungian 16-Type Personality, I am a person who is outgoing, visionary, argumentative, have a low tolerance for incompetence, and often seen as a natural leader. As a suggestion, the results indicate that I may want to make career choices in the areas of a management, management trainer, stockbroker, lawyer, chemical engineer, or a police office. When taking the advice of experts by way of assessments such as the Jungian 16-Type Personality test and other available resources, you may want to begin aligning your career decisions with your strengths. Hence, the need for pursing higher education is more substantiated.Job related education and training have an impact on earnings. "A worker's education and an...

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