Argument Essay: We Are Too Dependant On Technology

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In our society today, it’s become the norm that we are surrounded by all these gadgets that we did not have a decade ago. It may not seem like it but it’s crazy to think how much we rely on these little devices. The reasons why we are dependant on technology is because everyone has some type of gadget by their side at all times, people don’t live in the moment, and lastly there has been less face-to-face interactions among one another.
One reason why we depend so much on technology is the fact that everyone has some type of gadgets by their side at all times. Imagine one day you are just walking around town. ou start to get hungry. When you reach for your phone to check what ...view middle of the document...

Sure, capturing the moment on camera allows one to replay those moments repeatedly, however, the natural memory of enjoying that moment and it’s genuine experience become tainted with technology. Children are exposed to technology at an early age thanks to ipads and smartphones. Devices like those have become the means of communication - modern day walkie talkies. Though we use this to communicate with the, we also use this to keep them entertained, teach their abc’s and 123’s. Technology is taking away what real parenting should be.
And lastly, the decrease of face to face interactions is another reason why people are too depended on technology. One may say that if you are in a long distance relationship, it is very convenient skyping your significant other but what about those people who we live close to yet their only means of communication with others is only via facebook, text message, chat, or skype. However, when it is applied everyday to friends that are in the same town as you shows that technology is invading human interactions. What happened to actual face-to-face conversations? Ever go have lunch with a few friends but you notice that everyone does not really talk or have real conversations with one another? Well that’s because usually everyone is always on their phones. It’s quite sad because there you are sitting face to face with one another but yet the addictions to technology still gets the better of them. It goes as far as some of our...

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