Argument : Happiness Is An Activity Not A State

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In the argument happiness is a state, Aristotle argues that happiness is not a thing that is achieved or experienced at a moment as a feeling but he says that it’s a way of life. He asserts that it is the practice of the virtue in a person’s life that accounts to their overall happiness. One cannot live a life doing the wrong things and expect to be happy. In short, Aristotle says in his argument that happiness is a journey and not a state of mind. One cannot wake up one day and say that they are happy. However, I tend to differ with Aristotle on this point. Although I agree with him on the point that living the right kind of life does result in one being happy, one cannot describe being ...view middle of the document...

He calls this the life of moral virtue.
This argument is objectionable in the sense that it claims that happiness itself is an activity and not an emotion. Although human beings are not animals, this does not imply that they are not supposed to experience the feeling of pleasure. Happiness without experiencing the feeling of pleasure cannot be labeled as true happiness. Although Aristotle argues that it is the sole function of the human being to act as a rational being, this does not imply that they should not experience the feeling of happiness. Otherwise, if the emotion of happiness was not used as a gauge to true happiness, how else would one let the world know that they are happy? The activity that people perform in order to achieve happiness in their lives such as seeking friendships, looking for riches and honor would only make sense if they got some sort of feeling of contentment with their achievement. This is what happiness is all about. The argument he puts forth of happiness being an activity is also contradictory to his argument. This is because he is of the view that everything should be analyzed from its ultimate goal/ end. As such, if the ultimate goal of all the activities that people engage in is to become happy, then happiness is a state that is achieved after meeting several requirements. The things that one does in order to achieve this happiness are the activities and not happiness itself. Hence, happiness can be observed to be a multi-facet phenomenon and it would be inadequate to just describe it as an activity. Therefore, happiness...

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