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Argument Paper On Abusive Families

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The decision of whether a child should be removed from the home where the father has repeatedly beaten the mother, the child witnessing these offenses; however, the father never abusing the child is argumentative. In my perspective, the child should be removed immediately from the household where there is any domestic violence taking place regardless if the child is involved or not. Parents are supposed to support their child, ensuring the safety of their child in their happy, safe, loving environment at home. Why have a child have to witness this violence on a daily basis? What happens emotionally towards the child seeing their parents fight and argue each day? These questions arise in defense for taking the child away from the household to ensure the safety and providing the child with a worrisome lifestyle. While discussing my arguments for the sake of the child, I will be examining the child’s safety, well-being, and how the child is directly affected by domestic violence within their family.
While looking into this particular topic, children are very dependent on their parents in their everyday life; they are the ones who have raised them from birth. Would you not consider the child whenever a parent wants to integrate an argument in front of the child, leading to physical violence? Looking through the child’s perspective, the child has many different emotions running through his mind and body when seeing his own biological parents constantly fighting. Although the child itself is not engaging in child abuse from the father, the child is still experiencing emotional abuse through witnessing these altercations. Children can be affected in numerous ways by witnessing these arguments. Witnessing the arguments from the same room as the parents, where perhaps the child is thrown in the middle of the argument. Another scenario is where the child is in another room but can hear the arguments taking place, feeling the emotions of the mother being beaten, and the father abusing her. Another detrimental witnessing factor towards the child is having to see the physical marks left on his or her mother resulting from the arguments and/or fights. How would you as the mother be able to look at your son and/or daughter and have to explain the physical contusions, scrapes, and marks? Having to face the child in general would be detrimental and hard to the parent, letting their young child have to see such graphic details about his or her parents’ relationship.
Comparing towards this topic personally, I witnessed my father abusing my mother at a young age. Witnessing my father beat my mother after providing insight about a sport’s game, providing advice for the next practice was very detrimental towards both my brother and myself. After this occasion, my mother sent me to stay with my aunt for a weekend to get away from my father’s distress. Though my mother was emotional towards taking my brother and myself to my aunt’s house for the weekend to let...

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