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Argument Paper #4

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There are many controversial matters of this world, one of which is whether or not to publicize a gory, graphic picture on the internet or across the front page of a magazine or news article. Many people feel as if though publicizing such a picture is inhumane and moralistically wrong. Bob Cohn, photojournalist of The Daily News of New York, publicized a picture of a tragic event that happened almost a year ago, which is known as the Boston Massacre Bombing. In this case, people felt as if the picture should not have been altered in order to have a more authentic effect. Publication of pictures should be published based on how the publisher believes it should be, the reasoning behind the photo, and the effect thought to have on the people.
In Boston, Massachusetts, a marathon running event is held every year around the month of April. On one uneventful year, two men set off two bombs as the majority of the runners crossed the finish line. Many people found this tragic event ...view middle of the document...

However, Cohn must have had a reason on why he edited the picture from how the original was. For example, Cohn could have possibly felt that the wound on the mans leg was a bit overwhelming for the public so he edited it out to protect the public from such goriness. If the publisher felt that it was overwhelming, then why would the people not trust his better judgment?
Emotion plays a major role when it comes to controversial matters about tragic, traumatizing events. In many cases, people do not wish to see pictures of death. People want to know about the situation but not actually see it. They feel as if publicizing a picture that depicts death is rather inhumane and without the permission of the deceased person. If this were the case, all the stories ever written or taken photograph of in movies or the newspaper would not be there if they all depict death. We would not have all the warnings we do today about driving safe on the road because of how pictures have a certain affect than words do. If we took advice from words, we would listen to the parents who give orders not to do something, instead of doing the action. We would listen to the laws and regulations of the government and driving on the road. Pictures can have such a greater affect when they depict some type of moral story. The photos are not just there for how great the picture is. They are there to create an effect in order to convey a specific message.
All in all, gory pictures should be published based on how the publisher feels it should be, the reasoning behind the photo, and the effect it will be thought to have on the people. Photojournalists do not know the exact effect people will have towards their publication; they can only hope for the best. There is always a reason as to why photojournalists publicize pictures such as those. They do not publicize their work just for the quality of the picture. As the people, we should take in consideration the reasoning and position the publisher is in before accumulating all the different opinions.

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