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Argument/Persuasive Essay

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When you think of America, you think of a land of freedom. A beautiful place where all is harmonious, equal, and peaceful. You visualize a world in which love is inevitable; a place of comfort where everyone has the right to marry their beloved ones. This in fact, is not the case with same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage has been scrutinized throughout the nation, especially in America, for decades. I strongly support the idea that individuals of the same-sex should have the freedom and equality throughout their marriage just like anyone else.
The first reason that should be discussed about same-sex marriage is discrimination. Who are we to discriminate against anyone? Lesbian, gay, ...view middle of the document...

” All Matthew wanted in life was to be happy, find that special someone with whom he could marry, and grow elderly just like everyone else. Matthew's life came to a tragic end way too soon. Those boys robbed him of everything he ever believed in. The two criminals, (kids not much older than Matthew), as a result, saw him as an outsider. How could Matthew possibly have the same outcome in life, after all, he was different?! You must begin to question, “what if Matthew was your son, or your brother?”
In 2011, despite the national outrage over Matthew's death, 30 fatally violent hate crimes were committed. According to some groups, this is linked to hetero-centric cultures and institutionalized homophobia in some cases. This includes the political wedge issue, like in the contemporary efforts to halt legalizing same-sex marriage. How can America be the land beautiful when society shuns those of others? Everyone needs to live and let live, including same-sex couples, to have the same equal rights. It is in everyone's best interest to live in a world where they are not afraid to be who they are.
Another reason that I support same-sex marriage it the definition of the term, “marriage.” What does marriage mean? Marriage is the institution in which...

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