Argumentative Writing Essay

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Marseliene Kuo 10U08MA REQUEST FOR SPORTS/MUSICAL EVENTSSports and Musical events are a few of many attractions to attend. Filled with lots of colour and music, many people can have fun and enjoy themselves in many ways with the events or the stalls, which are around the area. However, to provide the public with such an event takes a lot of time, equipment, and a lot of people to be able to create such an event.There are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to staging an event like this. For example, it is really time consuming and not to mention, really pricy. To plan such an event will take a lot of time. Firstly, a group or person has to find a team that can help with the research on what they need for the event, planning what they want to have during the event, decision-making with what they think is best and what they think should be improved, and making conclusions with everything. The next stage, the team would have to contact different kind of people in order to make this happen, for example they need a stage built for a musical performance so they would need to contact a stage building team and would need to sort out the amount of time needed to build the stage, and would also need to deal with the cost of having a stage building team helping. A stage would take days to build, however planning could take weeks or even months if it becomes way too complicated.However, even if it takes a while to get everything together and makes sure things are ready, the outcome of the hard work and time does pay off. People who enjoy events can have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves. For example, during sporting events, people who enjoy sports can have fun cheering for the person or group that they...

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The Vaccine-Autism Controversy Essay

1143 words - 5 pages do not provide any studies where a child developed autism shortly after getting vaccinated. If they had used a case study to disprove why a vaccine was not the link to autism in the child in that study, it would have strengthened their writing that much more. Nevertheless, their argumentative strategies were exceptionally strong. In “Vaccines May Have Triggered Autism-Like Symptoms, US Court Rules,” the central idea circles around a little girl

"What is poetry?" discusses the Heather McHugh's and Perrine's view of writing poetry and their style of poetry with quotations.

538 words - 2 pages as argumentative use of language: "In advertisements, sermons, political speeches, and even some poems we find a third use of language: as an instrument of persuasion, or argument. But the distinctions among these three uses--the practical, the literary, and the argumentative--are not always clear-cut, since some written language simultaneously performs two or even all three functions." Heather McHugh gives a good example for how is the poetry

Breaking Convention in A Room of One's Own

1333 words - 5 pages nearly all the rules of essay writing in her argumentative essay. She addresses the reader in the first person, tells the reader that she is lying, focuses on unnecessary details, and even contradicts herself from time to time. Why does Woolf, a competent writer, decide to write this way? Perhaps, her unorthodox style supports her perception on the difficulties that exists in women becoming serious writers. Her writing style constructs a

Motivating Students

844 words - 3 pages don’t appreciate the work they do and how they should. Graff believes that most students have a negative attitude towards their work and they simply wonder why they are doing certain assignments. The three main topics Graff breaches is the students’ ability to write an analytical paper, an argumentative paper, and a persuasion paper. In class when students receive an analysis assignment, not all but most of them frown. Analysis is a very pitied

learner journal

784 words - 3 pages Learner Journal 1This week, we have learnt arguments and discussion. Before the university studies, I have done essay regarding argument e.g. 2-sided argumentative essay. But all the argumentative words I use is very narrow range and sometimes makes the essay becomes repetitive and no academic. After attending the lesson about arguments and discussion, my essay is now more planned and organized with a wider range of words. This also helped me a

Final Essay

1226 words - 5 pages argumentative essay about the importance of recycling plastic I would want to know if I am writing for people that already recycle, or a group of people that do not grasp the lasting effects of not recycling. Knowing which audience would be reading my essay not only changes the language I use, but it also changes what type of supporting evidence I would use. For example, in my essay for the movie critique I chose to write a review for The Amazing Spider

Henry James `Theories of Fiction

606 words - 2 pages The Art of Fiction and James `s Theories of fictionHenry James `essay The Art of Fiction is a first -hand account of how one of American `s ( and England `s) most prolific writers felt about fiction and writing in general.James can be considered one of the utmost authorities on writing as he made writing a life - long habit: for over 50 years he wrote daily.One of the most themes that permeate The Art of Fiction is the freedom that the author

an embrassing situation

1012 words - 4 pages Good Essay WritingFree essay writing guide on how to write an essay in five simple steps. Good essays, essay writing, essay examples, essay topics & essay guide. Improve your writing skill and become an effective writer. Model essays for GCE O Level, A Level, SPM English 1119, SPM EST, STPM MUET, IELTS Writing & TOEFLFriday, March 29, 2013My Most Embarrassing Situation - Sample Essays: Continuous WritingCONTINUOUS WRITING: SAMPLE ESSAY

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809 words - 4 pages to my last essay, “Differences” towards the end of the semester. Throughout the entire semester I have acquired some new writing, reading, and analytical skills. Some of the important writing skills I learned are coming up with an arguable thesis. Before I did not really have argumentative thesis in my writing, which made my papers never really, have a purpose; why am I writing this? Another writing skill I learned is how to detect and fix

A Writer's Reflection

1113 words - 4 pages pleasing, for I have always thought them to be my weakest point. In the majority of my writing, the introductions were a result of extensive revisions. For example, the introduction of my Argumentative Essay was partially written in class, but I was not completely satisfied with it. To improve the introduction, I added several things, such as the example of the McDonald’s commercial. In truth, I believe that these introductions are overanalyzed

"Which do you prefer - John Donnes religous or love poetry. Support your arguement with reference to Donnes poetry"

969 words - 4 pages John Donne's religious and love poetry are both the same in terms of quality and preference, mostly due to their similarity in terms of content and technique. "The Flea" is one example of Donne's love poetry and the great deal of effort that he puts into its composition and argumentative structure. This is of equal preference to the religious poem "Death be not Proud", wherein Donne displays his gift of (in his time) great freshness and

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1147 words - 5 pages Change is interwoven in the learning process and therefore is inevitable. It is beyond amazing to reflect on ourselves and see how much we change in just six months. I do not know what is more remarkable—the change itself or knowing that that change represents an expansion in our knowledge, a growth in our abilities, and an improvement in our writing. However, one thing I am sure of is that it feels good to see that, excuse the cliché, hard work

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1322 words - 5 pages 111 class is required to write a minimum of four academic essays and the professor chooses what we get to write about. Our class wrote a process, argumentative, compare/contrast and an evaluative essay. The first two essays our teacher gave us the option to work together. Rarely many teachers do this but she took into consideration how the students would feel about it. Doing so made the academic writing process a little easier. For the process

Analysis Of Writing Papers

617 words - 3 pages the reader. This is shown plainly in my argumentative essay, The Warming Warning, because the bulk of the essay was spent researching and brainstorming, trying to understand the topic. Rather than clarifying and drafting which according to Perl, takes place more in the second and third drafts. Every aspect of this course was beneficial to me in many ways, from the precis to the multiple drafts. Each and every segment of the class aided making me a sharper, more observant writer. In conclusion I believe this class helped me improve my writing tremendously.

My Legacy Essay

841 words - 4 pages make out what it is that you’re actually seeing. It was and still is an issue I have, lack of organized direction in my writing. I can instinctively write a piece chronologically, but when it comes to freedom to structure “how you please,” I tumble into chaos. Writing the narrative essay compared to the argumentative essay was a breeze, but the argumentative essay gave me a challenge and allowed me to practice organizing my thoughts and