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Argumentative Essay Arguing That The Election Of Jefferson In 1800 Was Not A "Revolutionary" Change.

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Revolution of 1800Many would argue that Jefferson's election in 1800 was a "revolution" of sorts, however, there is little evidence to support this claim. Hardly any institutions previously established were changed or dissolved in the Jefferson administration. Jefferson barely even changed any policies or acts. Also, Jefferson's administration changed no more than any other president following a president of an opposing party did. In fact, Jefferson turned out to be very moderate throughout his presidency. The changes that had been made had already happened in a more localized manner throughout the nation. Although Jefferson did many things that were somewhat new for the time, they were not revolutionary, they just had yet to be implemented in such a large-scale manner through the presidency.Even though the Democratic-Republicans and Jefferson differed greatly from the Federalists, Jefferson didn't get rid of any institutions set up in the Washington and/or Adams administration. Jefferson left almost all of the Hamilton system undamaged. The only change made to it, was the extraction of the excise tax, which Jefferson absolutely hated. Having a farming background Jefferson felt an even more strain on his values. There were not any ramifications from this that could be construed as "revolutionary". Further, it isn't as though he just used executive privilege or some dubious method to achieve this. It was repealed by congress, Jefferson merely was in favor of this occurring. Jefferson didn't alter federal programs, the National bank, or the Federalist placed tariff.Jefferson originally intended to change many policies the government previously upheld. He was limited, as he soon found out, by the restrictions of bipartisanship and compliance. Jefferson didn't attempt to change the federal governments policy of assuming all the revolutionary war debt nor the economic structure established by Hamilton. The only major policy that was abolished were the Alien and Sedition acts which technically just expired during Jefferson's presidency. These acts though, were...

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